"Want to Score 95%+ marks in Accounts in Class 11/12 Board"

(With In-depth Understanding and Strong Foundation in Accounts)

Accounts Funda
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(Session 2024-25)

Reserve your Seat Now by paying Rs 500
“Your First Step to become Awesome in Accounts”

    Reserve your Seat Now by paying Rs 500
    “Your First Step to become Awesome in Accounts”

      Your First Step to become Awesome in Accounts
      Features of Class 11/12 Accounts Ultimate Live Class
      100% Course Covered
      Class 11: Mon To Friday 1 Hour Daily Live Class
      Class 12: Mon To Friday 1 Hour Daily Live Class
      Reserve your Seat Now by paying Rs 500
      “Your First Step to become Awesome in Accounts”

        Harsh Drivedi
        Harsh Drivedi
        (Uttar Pradesh)
        (CBSE Board 100% Marks in Accounts)
        100% Marks

        I have secured 100% Marks in the Board due to your Live Accounts Class. I just love the way you teach each concept in so much depth. All I have done is follow your book and done practice on that.Aap bacho kai doubt Pehlai sai hi jaan letai hoh. You are amazing sir. Thanks you for making me topper in my fav Subject Accounts

        Palak Singhal
        (CBSE Board 100% Marks in Accounts)
        100% Marks

        Sir, Cant tell you how lucky i am to get into your Live Class. You explained each concept in such a details manner that there is no scope of Doubt. Your Book is something which every student must have. It is so awesome. Thanks sir for making me secure 100% Marks in Accounts.

        Hemant Tripathi
        CBSE Board 100% Marks in Accounts
        100% Marks

        For me Accounts was most Difficult subject earlier but sir u r the very first teacher that i has ever come across who teaches with logic and simplicity with elaborative explanation. You have made accounts so simple. I especially like ur teaching style and ur question bank book. The Process of Explaining each concept in depth makes me very strong in Accounts.  Hats off to you sir for this. I scored 100% in CBSE Board just because of you Sir.

        Janvi Bhola
        New Delhi

        Special thanks to the creator of the videos or say converting the most difficult subject of students into the easiest and Interesting subject. I have purchased his course in 12th and I am feeling very lucky to have this.  None can stop you from falling in Love with accounts with sir amazing teaching style. He solves each doubt with big smile ( though doubts are very Less in sir Course) On top of it he is great motivator too.

        Kashish Guruwara

        Before I use to think that I will never be able to understand accounts as my concept was very weak in class 11  but in class 12 i have purchased sir lecture and now Accounts is my Fav Subject. Literally sir has explained each and every point in such a detailed and in most easy way.

        You will feel like he is right in front of you while he is teaching.  The Way he deals with the concept is quite amazing. He is best in Accounts. I would recommend every commerce student to go through his lecture.

        Harsh Gupta

        Best Thing about sir lecture is that he explains the concept, Entry and logic behind it during the lecture in such a interesting way that students starts loving the Accounts. My Foundation is strong cause of Sir lecture and because of his lecture, I earned a gold medal in Advanced Accounting. I scored 91% in Accounts in CBSE Board 2017 and I want to thank sir for his lecture

        Deepak sir  has a very unique gift of making the lectures very interesting as well as logical at the same time ….And the thing I admire about his teaching skills are , we don’t actually have to rewind the lectures n watch it again and again for better understanding ..but instead he explain the same logic over n over again during the lecture in some or the other interesting way … which builds  a unique kind of confidence over that particular topic ….it  helped me a lot sir …I really owe a huge gratitude to you 🙂 …..you really made debit and credit interesting for me as you promised :))))

        Aarushi Vyas
        (Nagpur, Maharashtra)

        Sir really your lectures clear all my doubts at one go, when u deeply explain the topics it directly fits in our memory and your way of explaining is just superb. It is much better than offline tuitions. Your efforts are super awesome sir🤓, or I would say u r the perfect teacher for explaining accounts.

        Anjali Ramawat
        (Pali Marwar, Rajasthan)

        Thankyou sir for all the guidance and knowledge.

        You are the most humble and sweet teacher one could ever have. You’ve the rare ability to teach the most difficult subject in the simplest way so far. Even in these days of pandemic it’s satisfying to know that you’re there 24×7 to clear the doubts!

        I really want to be as marvellous as you’re in Accountancy! 💕


        Accounts Funda is a really amazing place to be at if you want to expertise in accounts, and most importantly for clearing your concepts and fundamentals. The way Sir teaches each and every concept is so accurate that hardly we get any doubts. The fees being so affordable and service at it’s best. Once you solve the Question Bank made by Sir, you will be easily able to solve any book. This is highly recommendable!

        Dakshita Jaiswal

        Easy and effective way to learn accounts in most simple and effective way from very amazing teacher – Deepak Lalwani sir ! He explains so much in deep and in detail , that there is no such further doubts in the particular chapter . Excessive amount of questions and practice from his module , which can be as useful as anyother reference books.Concepts are very much clearly explained and personally ,I feel it’s very much fun while studying accounts from Deepak sir. Great efforts by respected sir.

        Anjali Baghel
        Video Review
        Student Desk
        Frequently Asked Questions

        Can you Please tell me about Deepak Lalwani Sir

        Deepak Sir is Chartered Accountant with over 14 years of Teaching Experience. He is also founder of YouTube Channel “Accounts Funda” with over 1,73,000 Subscriber.  Under his guidance, countless number of students has secured 100% in Accounts. He Teach each concept with in-depth explanation. He is also awarded Educator award in year 2022

        Is Live class enough to secure Good Marks in Accounts

        I take Accounts very Seriously and if I teach accounts, it must be with full concept and knowledge. Once I explain the concept, I make student practice number of question so that they become master in that. So yes, Strong fundamental is guaranteed and with tons of questions practice, Awesome marks in accounts is for sure. Many of my past students has secured 100% in board just be seeing my lecture.

        What will be class strength

        200 Student Maximum.  This is strictly first come first serve Batch. Once the batch gets full. No Students will be added thereafter.  As i want each student to score 100% in Exam so want to keep the batch small so that more personal interaction can be there between me and Student.

        Which Book you have referred for Class 11 /12

        My own Book Consisting of 500/1000 Questions of Class 11/12 which is quite famous among students’ fraternity. Each question has different concepts and is explained in detail in the Live video lectures.

        My School follow DK Goel/ TS Grewal book. Is your book enough or we have to do Goel or Grewal sir book too

        My Books is enough to score 100% in Exam. No Need to practice of any other book. You will easily solve all the question of DK Goel / TS Grewal after you go through my lecture and Questions

        What if I miss any class, Is Recording Available

        We understand that in some situations you may skip the classes. So Yes, You will get the  recording of each class with 7 Days Validity

        I have cleared my Class 11 and 12 and doing job. Can I also join too

        My Class is open to all who want to master the whole syllabus of  Class 11/12 Accounts . So Yes, you Can join too.

        I am art / Science Student. Can I also learn Accounts

        Off course, this Live course starts from very basic in Accounts and gradually moves to advanced level of Accounts. So Yes you can also join if you want to have expert knowledge of Class 11 and 12 Accounts. No Prior Accounting Knowledge is Required. Just Come with Fresh Mind and Desire to Learn Accounts.

        Where the Class will be taken

        It will be taken in Zoom. You can attend the lecture live via Laptop, Desktop or Mobile.

        Why the fees is priced so low

        I have priced the Course fees to bare minimum Rs 500/1,000 Monthly as I want each student whether he live in Metro or Remote area to have awesome Knowledge of Accounts.

        Why the Live Class is not Free

        Live class involves lot of effort and I want only serious students to attend the class. If I do it for free, then many students who are not serious will also join.  Hence bare minimum fees of Rs 500/1,000 Monthly.

        Will Sir share the Notes of Chapter

        Yes, Notes will be shared from time to time via WhatsApp or Telegram.

        Is this Class daily or Weekly

        Classes will be held daily (Mon to Friday) for one hour each for Class 11 and Class 12 Accounts

        If I have doubt, how it will be solved

        Doubt Solving is Sir number one priority. Any doubt will be personally solved via call or WhatsApp by sir provided you have watched his lecture and have not skipped any lecture.

        What is the duration of the Class

        • Class will start from 1st April 2024 and will end on 31st Jan 2025. Class timing are Mon to Friday, 1 Hour Daily for Each Class 11 and Class 12 Accounts.

        What is the Time of the Class

        • Class Timing are
          • Class 11 Accounts 5-6 Pm
          • Class 12 Accounts 7-8 Pm

        Can I know the payment details

        Name: Accounts Funda

        Account Number : 4713010400

        Bank: Kotak Mahindra Bank

        IFSC Code: KKBK0003538

        Current Account

        Branch: Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

        Email : cadeepaklalwani@gmail.com

        UPI: cadeepaklalwani@kotak

        GPay 9549168168 ( Deepak Lalwani )

        Paytm  9549168168 ( Deepak Lalwani)

        Phonepe : 9549168168

        Any Other Doubt

        If you have any other doubts, you can Call or Whatsapp me at 9549168168 for any doubt.

        About CA Deepak Lalwani

        • CA Deepak Lalwani, Chartered Accountant with Teaching experience of 14 years across Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur is known for his ability to explain accounting in a Clear, Concise, Simple and thorough manner
        • He has worked with some of the top Investment banking companies across world and being awarded “Employee of the Year” award for Excellence out of over 1,000 employees
        • He is awarded Educator award for the Year 2022
        • His YouTube Channel has Subscriber Base of 1,75,000
        • He has taught more than 20,000 Students across globe and his course has been purchased by many Reputed Teachers in India as well
        • He has the ability to make students learn complex topic in accounts by his easy and simple explanation and even Students with no prior accounting knowledge can master accounting concept with ease. His aim is to make accounts easy and make student conceptually very strong
        • He has very high patience level. You can ask any number of questions to him and he will reply each question with a smile and with full explanation
        • He is the sole author of all the content of his book
        Reserve your Seat Now by paying Rs 500
        “Your First Step to become Awesome in Accounts”

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