Popular Questions

Is Full Syllabus is covered

Is sir Provide question bank too with the lecture

Can I see the demo lecture

Will I need any other Books also apart from this

How will I Study through Accounts Funda Lectures?

Does Internet Connection is required while playing Lectures

Course Materials?

What if I have any Doubts or Query?

Our Motto is to make you super Strong in Accounts . So if you have any query however small or big, we will be glad to solve your queries by any of the below medium

  •    One on one call
  •    Emails
  •    Whatsapp

What will be duration of the Lectures?

When You will Send all Course Videos?

How do I pay for Video Lecture Course?

Can I Subscribe for Video Lecture Course chapter wise

Can I play video Lectures in multiple computers?

Is the Videos can be played in Android or I-Phone or I-pad

Why This Lecture are not Free

Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on Accounts Funda

What if I am not satisfied, can I ask for refund?

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